We’ll get you set up like a Home Theatre Pro!

More than just the latest technology

At the foundation of any great Home Theatre is a superb TV or projector. We carry a full line of HDTV’s from the best brands available including Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K models.

However, equally as important as a superb TV is taking the time to have us help plan your space and advise on the advantages and constraints of one setup over another as well as how well components(including your existing) may perform in your room.

Upgrade and add on as you like

At Oakville Sight and Sound you have an incredible amount of choice in getting the Home Theatre that’s just right for you. Talk to our experts about including a-la-carte upgrades that can elevate your room and experience(take a look at those listed below).


We stand behind our products and installation

We’ve hand-picked and only sell what we consider the best-of-the-best in home theatre products and brands. All installations are handled by our own experienced and insured professional installers. In fact, the same group of experts that work on our extravagant cinema quality projects are working hard to deliver your Home Theatre Pro experience!

Even when working with a limited budget, there are often many variables to consider. Our team of experts will not only help recommend the proper Home Theatre components, but work with you to plan your entire space. Where necessary we also offer complete project management and construction services or can work seamlessly with a contractor/designer of your own choosing.

Let us put our years of experience into ensuring the atmosphere of your home theatre is perfectly detailed right down to elements including:

  • The size, height and placement of your screen
  • Surround Sound as well as speaker styles and configuration
  • Universal Controls and Automation
  • Component integration and wiring
  • Seating placement and styles
  • Optional items including: Lighting, fabric/window coverings,soundproofing and much more

Popular upgrades include automation and control of lighting, blinds and components using your iPad or mobile device with Crestron Home Automation integration.

For those seeking incredible sound and a minimal aesthetic, completely invisible Nakymatone Speakers (installed behind drywall) are the perfect choice!

Other upgrades and add-ons for your consideration include:

Once our team is finished installing everything for you, there’s a few key elements of the finished product.

Clean Look – Nobody likes the look of wires and components all over the place in an un-organized fashion. Wires will be tucked away, out of sight. We have a wide selection of audio stands & racks to neatly organize components such as your amplifier, cable box, receiver, & DVD/Blu Ray player.

Ease of  Use- Your home theatre has to be easy to use. We’ll sit down and teach you how easy it is to operate your new home theatre and get the most enjoyment possible from it.

The Wow Factor! – We want you to be absolutely blown away with the finished product . We want to exceed your expectations. For our team, it never gets old seeing the astounded and excited reactions on our customers’ faces when we first get to demonstrate everything to them.

Not sure what you need or where to begin?

Years of experience has taught us that getting to know our customers before we even think of recommending products and services is essential. The best way to do this is to book a free in-home consultation so we can see and assess your space.