Multi Room or Multi Zone audio allows you to enjoy music & radio wirelessly from several different sources such as your iPad and iTunes collection, favourite online streaming service, XM Satellite radio as well as your AM/FM Tuner. You can have one audio source playing in every room throughout your house, or a different audio source playing in every room of the house. Multi Room audio allows you to control and enjoy your music like never before!

Today’s modern Multi Room systems are easy to control with free mobile apps, or using your desktop or laptop computer. They also deliver an incredible sound and fidelity through advanced wireless speaker technology.

We’ll help you get set up with exactly what you need as well installing and configuring everything in your home or business if you need it.

As an authorized dealer and installer for both Sonos and Control4 systems, Oakville Sight and Sound  is your best source for Mutli-Room Audio in Oakville, Mississauga and surrounding area.